Mission Possible: Cancel Basketball Wives

22 Feb

All women of color should be outraged by the nonsense these “wives” displayed on the season premiere Monday night. From the opening act to the closing credit, this reality show was a tragedy. I could not believe my eyes when Suzy did her “pepper grinder” and Evelyn was saying “I am going to bust you in your face”. Is that not a threat? Why are we not all outraged.  Perhaps we are starved for entertainment, but really. Considering the current fight we women have regarding our healthcare, our rights as women, our rights as black women, is this the best we can do? Shaunie… Really?  Hillbilly Handfishing has more to offer. The only solice provided during the hour was the majority of the drama was caused by biracial women.  Thank you Royce for staying away from the madness.

My Mission is to protest and to strive NOT to have a season 5.  Hopefully, cancelled by midseason.

Reasons Basketball Wives Must Go:

  1. Needless Violence
  2. Needeless Profanity
  3. Like a good neighbor “can i get a Basketball Wife, Not fiance, girlfriend or sidechick.”
  4. Earrings are too big
  5. Too two face and too fake. “ohhh all yall are racheet”
  6. Defamation of black women character (perhaps a lawsuit should be filed)
  7. Perpetuating the stereo type of angry black women.

  Oh, yeah.. for you who said I should have changed the channel. My cousin was recording the act 1 of this tragedy. 

Until Act 2….



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